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BOB Revolution Jogging Strollers

Bob Revolution Jogging Strollers are famous for their front swivel wheel. When travelling indoors, the swivel wheel allows convenience when turning in small spaces. While travelling outdoors, the front wheel can be locked for safety to take your baby out for a jog. 

The two jogging strollers have identical functions, with the exception of the size of the rear wheels. The BOB Revolution CE Jogging Stroller (weighs 23 lbs with 70 lbs capacity) has three 12" wheels, whereas the BOB Revolution SE Jogging Stroller (weighs 25 lbs with 70 lbs capacity) has two rear 16" wheels and one front 12" wheel to handle rougher terrain.  

With any BOB quality purchase, includes h igh impact composite polymer rims and w elded lightweight aluminum frame.  Best of all, there's a 5 year warranty on the frame and a 1 year warranty on fabric and small materials.


BOB - 2011 Revolution SE Stroller in Orange


BOB - 2011 Revolution CE Stroller in Black




Revolution SE Stroller


Revolution CE Stroller
(with smaller rear wheels) 





BOB Sport Utility Jogging Strollers

BOB Sport Utility Strollers are made for serious runners. The BOB Sport Utility Jogging Strollers (weighs 25.7 lbs with 70 lbs capacity) are equipped with treaded wheels 16" to take on the rugged dirt trail. Whether it's rain or shine, this jogging stroller will be the best gear you can have to enjoy the great outdoors. Whereas the BOB Ironman Sport Utility Jogging Stroller (weighs 23.4 lbs with 70 lbs capacity) has thinner and smoother tires for running on paved roads - perfect for marathon runners!  Both strollers also includes a front wheel tracking system to keep you rolling straight, padded handlebar and a wrist strap to secure the stroller when strolling.


BOB - 2011 Ironman Stroller in Yellow


BOB - 2011 Sport Utility Stroller in Blue




Ironman Sport Utility Jogging Stroller


Sport Utility Jogging Stroller





BOB Revolution Duallie Double Jogging Strollers

With the BOB Revolution Duallie Double Jogging Stroller (weights 34 lbs with 100 lbs capacity), you can take your whole family outdoors and indoors!  With only a single front swivel wheel, you will have no trouble making turns with a double stroller in small spaces. While going out for a jog, all you need to do is just lock the front swivel wheel for safety.


BOB - 2011 Duallie Revolution SE Stroller in Navy


Duallie Revolution Jogging Stroller



BOB Sport Utility Duallie Double Jogging Strollers

BOB Sport Utility Duallie Double Jogging Strollers are made to get some serious running for your whole family. If you like to take your kids outside on a dirt trail for their daily excercise, then the BOB Sport Utility Duallie Double Jogging Stroller (weights 36 lbs with 100 lbs capacity) will be the ideal gear for you to use. Whereas if you would like to run a marathon on a paved road, the BOB Ironman Sport Utility Duallie Double Jogging Stroller (weights 34 lbs with 100 lbs capacity) will get the job done for you.


BOB - 2011 Duallie Sport Utility Stroller in Orange


BOB - 2011 Duallie Ironman Stroller 




Duallie Sport Utility Jogging Stroller


Duallie Ironman Jogging Stroller









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Born in San Luis Obispo, California in 1994, BOB has since revolutionized the way gear is carried by bike, and raised the performance and feature expectations for jogging strollers.

BOB's products have enabled cyclists to challenge the limits of where a tourist can ride, and inspired families to stroll where there is no pavement. BOB all started with the need for a versatile, light weight rig for transporting 'stuff' on a bike: tools, camping gear, groceries, etc. They took a decrepit beach cruiser bicycle and created a single wheel trailer out of the frame. BOB was born. Then came the kids... and with them, an unforeseen inspiration to build the best looking, best performing, highest quality jogging stroller in the world.

As Dads, BOB's engineers struggled with the aesthetic of the father pushing a flowery print, polka dot stroller. The BOB Sport Utility Stroller was born. Their kids were key participants in the product development process. They squeaked, burped, cried, hurled, scratched, tipped and clawed at the prototypes we gave them to use. Talk to your Pediatrician about the virtues of suspension.BOB's strollers resulted from a desire to produce a product that would perform with a quality and coolness previously unknown to stroller users. If comfort, style, and a plush ride are important to you and your kids, the BOB Sport Utility Stroller is the best there is. Why dare give your kids anything less? From the Ironman to the Revolution series to the versatile trailers, BOB proves to be at the top of their industry.