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Tips for buying the right stroller


Pick it yourself:  You will always know what suits you and your baby most when it comes to a stroller. It is an item that you both will spend a lot of time with, it's just best you end up with one you really like. So when it comes to gifts from a baby shower, make sure you set up a gift registry and select the stroller that you prefer as a gift - that way you will not end up with a stroller that does not suit you.

What suits your lifestyle?
  Each family have their own type of lifestyle, whether you are city folks or outdoors kinda family the right stroller will fit perfectly into your day to day activities. A jogging stroller may suit one family and would not suit another. So take a look at your surroundings of transportation. If you take public transit it's best you find something light and easy to maneuver around, if you like to run than it's best you find a jogging stroller.

It's more than the price:
  There's a very good reason why one stroller may cost $50 and another $500. High-end products uses high-quality materials to ensure safety and lightweight material to carry around. If you use your stroller infrequently to make quick trips than it's not neccessary for you to purchase an expensive stroller that you don't use very often. But if you like to take your baby out and would appreciate a comfortable and hassle free trip, than it's worth the money.

Test it:
  Although buying online these days is the best deals to get, try your best to actually test drive it in a store or from someone you know that has the same model you would like to buy. Go with your spouse or a friend to get a second opinion and to see how big the stroller in person and if it fits in your trunk. If you are not able to find one in a store near you, our reviews have precise dimensions of folded and unfolded strollers as well as the weight.

Does it fit your baby's age?
  Our reviews show each stroller's minimum age for your baby. All Bugaboo Strollers are suitable for newborns, and BOB Jogging Strollers are a minimum age of 6 months. So find out what age you would like your baby to use the stroller because many parents get their strollers are their baby shower. You would also need to see what the stroller's weight capacity is to see how long the stroller will last your child.

Size:  How much space are you able to fit your stroller into your home and car? Will the underseat bag be enough space to place your necessities? These are some typical questions to ask yourself when purchasing a stroller, it will save you in the long run of time and headaches.

Certification:  Rest assure that each stroller that we review meets the minimum requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and some include an additional certification program administered by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).

If your are using a used stroller, it's important to research the up to date safety standards under ASTM. We recommend JPMA Products certified products. And always be on alert for recall baby products, see www.cpsc.gov.



Safety Tips


Never leave your baby unattended in a stroller:  Babies are much more capable than they are given credit for, turn away for one second and they can get up and topple themselves and the stroller over. Even when they are asleep you should never leave them by themselves because they cannot protect themselves from their surroundings. And even if your stroller has great brakes it does not mean you can leave your baby in a stroller alone on a slope, adult supervision will always out protect any superb brakes.


Always use the harness:  It's the same theory as using a seat belt in a car, a baby in a stroller can be exposed to danger when they are not safely buckled in their stroller. Plus when they are older you don't have to worry them climbing or falling out of the stroller.


Keep to the weight limit:  When the stroller has a certain weight limit it's important to follow it by stop using the stroller when your child exceeds that weight or by not adding extra weight to the stroller like groceries and etc. Also do not hang heavy bags on the handle bar that can possibly tip your stroller over - your baby will fall with the stroller!

Stick to the stroller's functions:
  If your stroller is not a jogging stroller or an all-terrain stroller, you should not take it to do those types of activities. To run in a dirt trail takes special materials and gears to make it a safe ride, otherwise you will be endangering you and your baby.


Security with locks and brakes: When the stroller is unfolded, make sure the frame locking mechanism is properly engaged to avoid collapsing of the stroller while your baby is still in it. And if your stroller has a car seat adapter, make sure you hear a "click" when you put the car seat in so it's properly locked. While you are folding or unfolding your stroller, your child should not be nearby as they may get their fingers caught between parts of the stroller.  As for the brakes, whenever you are parking the stroller, make sure the brakes are in use - especially on a slope!  Using a brake ensures the stroller to be stationary, and even when it's parked it's important to always have adult supervision over the baby in the stroller.


Place Car Seat in rear passenger side: All too often, I see parents put the car seat behind the driver's seat.  That is a BIG mistake, as when you are unloading the baby on the driver's side, it's also on the side of the road with the hazard of cars driving by.  The correct side to placing the car seat, would be behind the passenger's seat.  That way when you are unloading your baby, it's on the side of the sidewalk.


Simplicity to bedding:  Never use a pillow, additional blankets or mattress for your baby in a stroller because it adds suffocation risk. It's the same for cribs, bassinets - basically anything your baby lies in there should be no loose bedding at all. Loose bedding is a potential SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) hazard to your baby especially infants under a year old.


Safety Tips from Mia Moda Strollers


Don't forget these important tips:

  • When you are in a parking lot make sure that the stroller is always next to you while unlocking the car.
  • Put the child into their car seat before storing the stroller.
  • Before crossing a street position the stroller must be completely out of the street and make sure you are safely on the curb.
  • Check your stroller to make sure it is completely opened and in the locked position before putting your child in it.
  • Make it a habit to push down on the seat of the stroller with your hand to be sure it is safe for your child.



6 types of strollers you should know


Umbrella Strollers:  The name says it all, like an umbrella you can bring your stroller anywhere you go because it is lightweight and small in size (usually weighs less than 15 lbs for single strollers).  However, it's lightweight convenience sacrifices extra features like a reversible seat and has a minimum age requirement of 3-6 months.  But overall it's a comfortable stroller for your baby to grow up with as they usually have a higher than average weight capacity compared to other types of strollers. 


Lightweight Strollers:  With todays parent's lifestyle, lightweight strollers are a preference for it's convenience (usually weighs less than 25 lbs).  They are similar to umbrella strollers but equipped with a lot more features, comfort and stability. They're easy to set up and a dream to maneuver around - especially when you're running errands.  A set back would be the additional features may not be adequate for some parents, for example the underseat bag is smaller than some would hope and there would not be much room for a snack tray.


Jogging Strollers:  It's important for parents and their kids to get healthy outdoor excercise and using a high-quality jogging stroller is the best equipment for that purpose. Since you may be travelling up to 15 mph on a trail with your baby, it's best you use the highest quality jogging stroller there is to assure safety and for a smooth ride.  And as well-equipped a jogging stroller can be, safety is number one so make sure your baby is at least 6 months old or consult with your pediatrician before using.


All-Terrain Strollers:  When a dirt trail is your favorite route to take your baby to get some fresh air, you would need an all-terrain stroller. It's tires are equipped with treaded wheels to get a good grip on the soil - especially when it's cold and wet. The wheels are larger than other types of strollers and the front wheel is fixed for stability of the run. Since the front wheel is fixed it will not have the maneuverability a swivel wheel would for easy turns - just make sure it is the right fit for your lifestyle then it would be a perfect match for you. 

Whether you are travelling indoors or outdoors, an all-terrain stroller will travel smoothly wherever you go.  They are usually strollers equipped with only 3-wheels for easy turning and have great suspension to go smoothly over bumpy roads.  Another great feature of an all-terrain stroller is the lightweight materials that come with it to give you easy maneuverability when turning or pushing the stroller.  An important fact to remember is that these strollers are not equipped for jogging, see Jogging Strollers to see your selection of strollers to go on a run.  All-terrain strollers are great for indoors like the mall and outdoors like the park.


Travel Systems: We all know that babies tend to sleep a lot and it is always a better choice to keep them that way when you are travelling from one place to another. A travel system stroller helps you place the car seat onto the stroller so you do not have to unbuckle your baby from the car seat to buckle them back up onto a stroller and vice versa. It is especially convenient for babies under 6 months old since they are the ones that stay in the stroller at all times.  Most importantly, make sure you select a good quality travel system that is not too heavy and will still do all the work for you and your family.

Double Strollers:  Expanding the family would always require a new double stroller. There are 2 choices for a double seating stroller. The seats can either be side-by-side, or as a tandem stroller (front and back seat). There are pros and cons to each selection as it depends what suits your family the best.

Side-by-side strollers are great for your children to enjoy time with each other. Also, it prevents fighting over who gets to sit in the front seat! However, it would be wider than the normal stroller and would be difficult sometimes to fit into doorways / elevators. And if your 2 kids are of different weight, it would veer to one side which would make pushing & turning rather difficult.

For tandem strollers, it's better for children that are a bit further apart in age. For example, your new born can take up the front seat, while your toddler can use the back seat to get on and off the stroller easier. It would be easier to fit through doors / elevators but turning would be a bit difficult compared to the side-by-side.

Both options are great choices depending on what suits your family's lifestyle the best. Most importantly, look for a quality double stroller that has great maneuverability and comfortable seats for your kids to sit for long periods of time.




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Safety Standards

Every stroller featured in this website meets the minimum standard of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Some strollers include an additional certification program administered by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).