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The Stokke Xplory Complete

Stokke Xplory Complete Stroller

jpma certified


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 Stokke Xplory Video Guide


Stokke Concept Video

Travel convenience:  The Stokke Xplory Complete Stroller weighs only 23.15 lbs with seat and 27.34 with carry cot. The dimensions below shows you the space you save, it's also light and easy to fold. One of the greatest feature of the Stokke Xplory Complete Stroller is that it is the only stroller that elevates your baby to the height you prefer, it can be as a high-chair when you go to restaurants - no more hassles of transferring your baby from stroller to high-chair.

Stokke Xplory Complete Stroller

Stokke - Xplory Basic Stroller Turquoise

Xplory Complete Stroller as a high-chair


Safety:    With an adjustable 5-point harness, your baby is fully secure in the stroller. As the baby grows, you can adjust it to their body for security and comfort. The Stokke Xplory Complete Stroller also meets US and international safety standards.

Stokke - Xplory Basic Stroller 5-point harnessStokke - Xplory Basic Stroller 5-point harness

Adjustable 5-point harness


Mobility:  With large rear wheels it's easy to handle and maneuver. And as shown below, the open design between the wheels allows easy walking with the stroller without having to bump into a bar all the time and allowing for a longer stride. With a complete stride, the parent can keep an upright position which is the most beneficial for walking and helps minimize injury. With the ability to readily adjust the height will keep you away from bending over to check on the child or to make eye contact.


Stokke - Xplory Basic Features

Durability:  The Stokke Xplory Complete Stroller is made from lightweight aluminum and automobile-grade plastic, the two best materials for long lasting use and a good weight for mobility and carrying. 


What parents will love:   The Stokke Xplory Complete Stroller is innovative, stylish and embellished with it's attractive design. It is the only stroller that elevates your baby to enhance closeness, security and comfort. A newborn can only see 8-15 inches, so when your baby is at eye level to you they gain more security and comfort knowing that your right there. Learning capabilities start at a very young age, so with eye to eye contact and a panoramic view of the world your baby is off to a head start.

What every parent admire is the capability of a stroller to have proper adjustable functions. The Stokke Xplory Complete Stroller has an adjustable handle (both angle and height), frame (up and down), 2-way seating, 5 reclining positions and even the height / depth of the stroller! The seat is designed for newborn to 45 lbs / 3 yrs.

Stokke - Xplory Complete

There are lots of extras included in your purchase of Stokke Xplory Complete Stroller, such as the chassis, seat, and textile sets. Seat textile includes seat upholstery, canopy, mosquito net, rain cover, shopping bag, seat pocket, infant body pillow, and shoulder strap pads. With 6 textile colors to choose from you can personalize your stroller to your personality (red, turquoise, black, cream, orange, and olive)


Stokke Xplory Basic StrollerStokke Xplory Complete StrollerStokke Xplory Basic Stroller

Hood w/open ventilation, Mosquito Net, Rain Cover & Stroller Bag included


Ultimately the Xplory Complete Stroller stands out from the  Stokke Xplory Basic Stroller is the carry cot. It's for newborns upto 6 months / 20 lbs, and since it's important for them to lie flat for those first couple of months it really feels more complete going with the Xplory Complete Stroller.

Stokke Xplory Complete Stroller

Fun for the whole family with optional sibling board


What your baby will love:  The Stokke Xplory Complete Stroller has 5 comfortable reclining positions. It can lie flat for your newborn, or recline upto a sit up position (with a foot rest) to enjoy all the fun activities around. With a 2-way seating position, your baby can either admire you or the world.

 Stokke - Xplory Basic Stokke - Xplory Basic

Baby face you or the view

 Stokke Xplory Complete Stroller

Be close with your baby


What we don't love so much:  There is really nothing to complain about for this stroller. It is top of the line product for a lightweight stroller. If this stroller matches your lifestyle, then it's really a no brainer. However, if you like something more full-sized then it might not have a snack tray you might like for your child or a cup-holder for yourself. But the fact it can be a high-chair when you go to restaurants is a big plus - personally. It's really a lifestyle choice, and it's yours to make.

As for the wheels, it's a bit short on quality compared toBOB Jogging Strollers andBugaboo Strollers (when both other strollers are lower in price!).  There's no suspension, no air-filled tires and the rims are made of plastic, for the price you're better off with the two other brands.  If most of your trips consists of paved roads then these wheels would be good enough for you, just don't take it to any rugged terrain - it will not be a smooth ride!  And we find that the stroller hard to turn without swivel wheels likeBugaboo Strollers, plus it does not feel stable with the seat higher than normal strollers - with a heavier weight on top, it is easier for the stroller to topple over.  Overall, the only reason why we would purchase the Stokke Xplory Basic Strolleris for the beneficial view your child will have in the stroller. 



Red Dot Product Design Award 2004, symbolizing the international seal of quality for outstanding design


Carry Cot *only with the Xplory Complete 

Includes Xplory Basic Stroller and Carry Cot Shell with Textile Set

Stroller includes chassis, seat, and a textile set

Seat textile set includes seat padding, rear textile cover, harness protectors, seat rail with cover, canopy with visor, baby pad, shopping bag, mosquito net, and rain cover

Carry cot textile set includes carry cot liner with handles, mattress pad, carry cot cover, canopy, and coordinated blanket

Made in Europe from lightweight aluminum and automobile-grade polymer

Height adjustable seat brings the child up closer to the parent

Easy to handle and maneuver

Two way facing suitable baby's needs as they grow

5 seat reclining positions

Adjustable foot rest eliminates dangling feet

Height and angle adjustable handle provides the best ergonomic solution to any size parent

Depth adjustable baby pad offers soft, but firm support to a tiny back

Soft padded seat gives a comfortable ride for the child

Textile is SPF50 offering a high level of protection to a baby's sensitive skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays

Retractable visor provides extra protection from wind and light

Comes with an adjustable five - point safety harness

Meets US and international safety standards

No cross bar between wheels allowing longer stride

Single brake solution for both wheels

Water repellent canopy fabric with built in ventilation

Large shopping bag with expandable mesh pocket inside

Seat designed to be used from birth to 45 lbs or 3 - 4 Years

3 Years manufacturer's warranty



Capacity  1 Child   
Maximum Weight Stroller 45 lbs  
Maximum Weight Carry Cot 

20 lbs

(or when baby can push themselves up) 

Maximum Weight Sibling Board  1 child up to 44 lbs (2 years of age)  
Minimum Age  New born   
Carry Cot Maximum Weight     20 lbs / 6 months   
Stroller Weight  23 lbs with seat   
  18.3 lbs without seat    
Stroller Weight with carry cot     27.5 lbs   
Seat depth can be adjusted with padded insert allowing even the smallest children to reach the footrest   
The handle height and angle can be easily adjusted to suit your own height 
Two-way sitting: 3 rear-facing positions and 2 forward-facing positions 



Width          36.5 - 49.2" 
Height    33.6 - 46" 
Stroller Length    22.8" 
Folded Dimensions       16.8" H x 39.6" W x 22.8" L  




 In the early 70s, Peter Opsvik, a respected designer, saw the need for a children's chair after seeing how uncomfortable his son was in the traditional chair.

Peter Opsvil wanted a chair that can raise a child to the height of the family table.

The chair also had to be stable with the uise of a footrest.

Most importantly, the chair has to be adjustable so that it suits children of all ages.

In 1972, TRIPP TRAPP® was launched and hence the start of Stokke.