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Our Review 


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Brand name Stokke creates produts for your child's best interest.  It's really creative to think of elevating the baby as if it were an adult already.  Never thought before, now we see what a great benefit it is for a baby.  Imagine yourself as a baby with the normal stroller view, you see nothing but legs mostly and having things that might fall on you.  Now Stokke has created an equality babies deserve, helping the parent and the child to both share each other's company at an equal level.  With beautiful accessories strollers are now hip and stylish and it should be.  Parenting is not like what baby boomers have endured, it is now a lifestyle.  And rather focusing on quantity, quality has now earned it's right to the top. 

Stokke's strollers is the most expensive product we illustrate, the price comes with everything it has to offer.  Style, innovation and convenience - would that fit to your lifestyle?



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Stokke in One Minute

In the early 70s, Peter Opsvik, a respected designer, saw the need for a children's chair after seeing how uncomfortable his son was in the traditional chair.

Peter Opsvil wanted a chair that can raise a child to the height of the family table.

The chair also had to be stable with the uise of a footrest.

Most importantly, the chair has to be adjustable so that it suits children of all ages.

In 1972, TRIPP TRAPP® was launched and hence the start of Stokke.

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