Stroller Reviews

Great Value Strollers 

We created this category of strollers because we think it’s time to give these brands the credit they deserve. Save more than half the cost for strollers ranging from umbrella strollers to jogging strollers and still be able to expect quality and get more accessories included than expensive brand name strollers. With the economy these days it’s important to purchase wisely because every penny counts – especially towards starting families!

Travel System Strollers

We all know that babies tend to sleep a lot and it is always a better choice to keep them that way when you are travelling from one place to another. A travel system stroller helps you place the car seat onto the stroller so you do not have to unbuckle your baby from the car seat to buckle them back up onto a stroller and vice versa. It is especially convenient for babies under 6 months old since they are the ones that stay in the stroller at all times.  Most importantly, make sure you select a good quality travel system that is not too heavy and will still do all the work for you and your family.

Jogging Strollers


 It’s important for parents and their kids to get healthy outdoor excercise and using a high-quality jogging stroller is the best equipment for that purpose. Since you may be travelling up to 15 mph on a trail with your baby, it’s best you use the highest quality jogging stroller there is to assure safety and for a smooth ride. And as well-equipped a jogging stroller can be, safety is number one so make sure your baby is at least 6 months old or consult with your pediatrician before using.

Lightweight Strollers

With todays parent’s lifestyle, lightweight strollers are a preference for it’s convenience (usually weighs less than 25 lbs).  They are similar to umbrella strollers but equipped with a lot more features, comfort and stability. They’re easy to set up and a dream to maneuver around – especially when you’re running errands.  A set back would be the additional features may not be adequate for some parents, for example the underseat bag is smaller than some would hope and there would not be much room for a snack tray. 

Umbrella Strollers

 The name says it all, like an umbrella you can bring your stroller anywhere you go because it is lightweight and small in size (usually weighs less than 15 lbs for single strollers). However, it’s lightweight convenience sacrifices extra features like a reversible seat and has a minimum age requirement of 3-6 months. But overall it’s a comfortable stroller for your baby to grow up with as they usually have a higher than average weight capacity compared to other types of strollers.